Welcome to our French restaurant, Les P'Tits Bretons. My wife and I are so proud to have you as our guest. We just arrived from Brittany, France with our son Elwen (meaning "the light" in the Brittany language). We left our restaurant in Paris to start a new life and adventure in California and are very happy to be here in Manhattan Beach. Our goal is for you to discover the recipes of our hometown region: La Bretagne. We are working with local organic produce and my Grandmother's traditional recipes, such as the Buckwheat Galette (our signature dish- which is gluten free), a selection of fresh fish and our traditional sauces (mornay and red wine). We welcome you to our home for breakfast, lunch and dinner and hope to serve you soon. 

"Bienvenue et Bonne D├ęgustation!"
Olivier & Djahida

LES P'TITS BRETONS (Little Brittany) 

Traditional cuisine from Brittany, France. We believe in the simplicity of authentic recipes utilizing the freshest ingredients. Please join us for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We have many selections to choose from including gluten free options, a range of fine French wines and many traditional recipes from the owner's homeland Brittany, France.
"Bienvenue en France!"